5 Key Points for a Successful Yoga Website

Website voor yogastudio maken

5 Key Points for a Successful Yoga Website

The expanding popularity of yoga in recent years has led to an increase in yoga teachers, yoga studios and as many yoga websites.

If you are a yoga teacher or studio owner yourself, then you soon realize that in a crowded market you need to start attracting attention online in order to distinguish yourself.

It’s practically impossible to build a thriving business these days without a strong online presence. And yet, many yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs have a website that they know is anything but.

But what really sets a well-designed yoga website apart from the rest? What makes or breaks your online presence? And what makes you better found online and attract more visitors offline as well?

Is the secret in the appearance or is there more to it than just looks? In this article I’ll look at the most important features that contribute to this.

Because you deserve a good website that suits you, attracts the right kind of customers and helps you to bring your offer to your target audience.

A well-designed yoga website really makes all the difference.
What’s the best approach? What will get you found better online and attract more visitors offline as well?

Yoga studio webdesign

Discover the key areas of focus to make a professional and trustworthy impression online.

Mindful with your website

5 Key points for a successful yoga website.

Look & feel
Let’s face it, the yoga world is very visual. Beautiful photos are important and create great appeal. A soothing color palette and an elegant font also have an impact on the look and feel of your website that cannot be underestimated.
Balance text, images and “breathing space” to create a fine, inviting atmosphere that is an extension of your studio vibe. Remember that for many of your students, your website is the first impression they get of you.

The best yoga websites today have a responsive design. Responsive means that the design adjusts to the size of your screen. Even on a tablet or cell phone, your website should look good and be convenient to use.

Up & running
Your website should not only look stylish and attractive, it should also work effectively and smoothly. A website that is slow or technically not up to date will very quickly lose visitors.
Google will also give a slow or poorly functioning site less visibility. Therefore, make sure that technical problems are solved quickly and your website gets the necessary (security) updates.

Content is king
Quality and relevant content that informs visitors in a practical way is literally golden. Always make it as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for.
A separate page with the current class schedules is no luxury. A clear price table will also make your yogis happy.
Provide a logical and well considered structure. Short paragraphs and summaries make the information easier to read. Avoid lengthy texts and always be to the point. That way you will keep your readers zen.
Google also appreciates well-structured content. In combination with the right keywords, it makes your website appear much more prominently in search results.

What else can you do to make a professional impression? An online booking system takes your website to the next level. It makes both your life and that of your students a lot easier. Do you also offer online yoga classes or do you regularly share interesting tips through a newsletter? With those types of features you score extra points. Consequently, it gives your practice an extra boost.

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