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I’m Kim

Nice to have you here!

Who am I and what drives me?

Multipassionate, creative, multilingual, … powered by a desire to create beautiful things and keep evolving..

I help passionate entrepreneurs and service providers bring their vision to life by creating a website they truly love. Because I believe you deserve a website that is as magical and appealing as the dream you are realising.

My deeply feeling nature connects with your desires while my imagination projects all the beauty of your offering onto a screen. I combine creativity with strategy, resulting in personalised websites that are not only beautiful, but also a powerful growth and marketing tool for your business.

I want to make an attractive website accessible to any entrepreneur working from passion. When you bring something so beautiful and valuable into the world, I want not only you but your ideal customers online to see and feel the same. That way, your passion can grow into a thriving business.

Kim in haar happy place

Only dreams?

I still remember staring at my computer screen in my 9-to-5 job and thinking, “There must be something more than this” … I dreamed of being able to fill my life my way and bring something of myself to life.

After all, we are not here to just run along anyway. We have passions and talents, so much potential! We don’t just feel that for no reason, do we?

I am confident that we all have a unique mission to make the world a little more beautiful in our own way. That passion in us, it’s there for a good reason! It steers us towards a fulfilling life.

I myself experienced physically that things were not flowing while I had been going against my nature for years. I literally could no longer breathe freely. Until something came my way that opened my lungs, my eyes and my heart.

My life energy started flowing again only when I started following my passion and deepest desires. I decided to do business on my terms, at my pace and according to my personal nature.

That idea didn’t come out of nowhere either. Read on if you want to know how that came about.

Create something beautiful

It was the most liberating decision of my life. When I broke free from the job security illusion and jumped from (overworked, undervalued) employee to starting my own business.

While employed, I always knew I wanted to get more out of life. I wanted to bring something of myself to life. To create something beautiful. Something I could put my heart and soul into.

I felt exhausted – physically, mentally and creatively.

The e-commerce sector I was working in had evolved so fast in recent years and in a way that no longer suited me. Quantity became more important than quality. And there was less and less room for creativity and authenticity.

After a period of restlessness, overtiredness and chronic hyperventilation that wouldn’t let me go… came the crash.

I value freedom, authenticity and creative expression.

Volg je droom ondernemersmindset high vibe websites
Kim - look&feel websites voor gepassioneerde ondernemers

… and then I crossed the ocean – my longest, most beautiful and transformative trip so far – to magical Mexico.

Actually, it was also an inner journey. In my mind, I burned the imaginary ship that had taken me so far (from myself) and there had to be another way…

And oh yes, there was – my own way.
“Follow that dream”
This signpost on my path in Mexico could not have been clearer.

Open up to more possibilities

By taking time for myself and delving into personal development, I realised how important it was to stay close to myself. I discovered breathwork and other practices that brought me deeper into my own body.

I got to breathe. I let go of limiting thoughts and so a new world of possibilities opened up.

As I met people with a passion and a blissful mission, I recharged completely. I overflowed with energy and inspiration, with beautiful dreams and (self-)love.

And by the time I got back home, I knew exactly what to do and had a whole new perspective on the future.

I saw so many more possibilities…. Why should I still just roll along and ignore myself?

My mindset had shifted. And I knew that my passion and talents had the power to take others to the next level too.

This insight brought my dream to life: LOOK&FEEL is where I can independently do what energises me for people who share the same values. So that they too can see and feel what is possible for them!

What gives me energy

People who feel like sunshine and exploring new creative ideas and developing them to perfection, doing business from passion and marketing in an authentic way, driven by the pure intention to make people’s lives more beautiful.

With great pleasure and love, I design elegant and high-quality websites especially for passionate people who also follow their deepest desire.

By bringing your unique offerings to life online, I love helping you to also create the life you desire for yourself.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Do you also believe in the power of working from your own passion, values and lifestyle?