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Launch A Website You Truly Love

Imagine being able to confidently share your valuable offerings with the world. Self-confident and relaxed making more impact with a website that is an extension of your deepest vision. An attractive online presence that is 100% yours, that you are proud of and that attracts the blissful customers.


Your unique personal design
VOYAGE website op maat look & feel

Custom website

I understand that you have your hands full. That you need to build a community, improve lives, push boundaries, bring new ideas to life, …

Designing and making up your website may not fit into your busy schedule. Moreover, you don’t feel like going down that road alone and possibly getting lost.

That is why I am happy to guide you through the website landscape. I take you on an insightful trip, along which we calmly get to the essence of your company, map your customer journey and deliberately co-create the most attractive website. Step by step. From exploring your vision, the highlights of your offering to reaching your dream destination.

A website that feels like coming home after an inspiring journey. That gives you the freedom you crave. Shaped around the business and life you want, so you can confidently sell your beautiful offering and the blissful customers find you.

This is perfect for those who want a deeply authentic and strongly connecting website. Aligned with you and your business. Ready to grow online and make a bigger impact?

What to expect?
Vision & discovery

The first step in creating your own business and website, is knowing where you want to go.

We project your business into the future and take the first steps towards your vision.

  • Onboarding
  • VOYAGE creation process
Branding set
Your unique personality makes all the difference! Showing yourself in an authentic way creates connection. Because your energy and intention make the right people feel a click with you.

Get that attractive, feel-good look for your new website with a combination of visual elements that suit you, such as:

  • Colour palette that evokes the right feelings
  • Striking fonts with character
  • Inspiring (stock) photos and images
Custom design

All parts of your website are designed fully customised, aligned with you and your business. See all the beauty you have to offer take concrete shape and come to life in your website.

Specifically, your website has:

  • Attractive and coherent web pages
  • Clear, logical structure and navigation
  • User-friendly design for PC, tablet & smartphone (responsive design)
Connect with your tribe

Your potential customers instantly get the feeling that they have landed in the right place. They feel that click with you online because they clearly see what you can do for them.

Your website is optimised for search engines (SEO), so your target group can easily find you online.

Want to offer a freebie to build your mailing list? Integrating email marketing on your site will grow both your list and your business.

And of course, we make it as easy as possible for your visitors to contact you, make an appointment or book a session via an efficient contact form on your website. You’ll simply see the requests coming in your mailbox.


I am your personal guide through the VOYAGE co-creation process so that we purposefully reach your dream destination: an online presence that embodies your vision and is 100% yours.

To help you feel comfortable on arrival and completely in control of your own website, you will receive an easy-to-follow user guide and the necessary support.

Feel free to make adjustments whenever you wish. After all, your website evolves with you and your business. This journey never ends 😉

From € 1470

Extra options

with your website

Create an iconic brand identity with a unique logo design.

  • Colour file + black and white to use in all your marketing materials
  • Two revision rounds
+ € 370

Clearly convey your message and brand vision and deeply connect with your target audience.
Personalised guidance for up to 5 web pages:

  • Converting web texts
  • Applied storytelling
  • Text correction and refinement

on demand

How to get started?



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After our conversation, you’ll receive a custom-made proposal and an invitation to book your project. Let’s make waves!

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Kim - look&feel websites voor gepassioneerde ondernemers


I’m Kim

And I believe you deserve a website that is as magical and attractive as your offer.

My holistic approach considers all aspects of your website and business as a whole. My method strives for deep alignment and combines creativity with strategy, resulting in personalised websites that are not only beautiful, but also a powerful growth and marketing tool for your business.

In doing so, I attach importance to ease of use, so that you can easily edit and manage your own website yourself. So that the energy can flow freely between you and your online audience, without technical obstacles.

Kim Delbarre High Vibe Websites voor gepassioneerde ondernemers

You deserve all the attention online

Developing your website from pure intention, with an eye for quality and strategy, and conscious communication that really resonates with your audience, will be fruitful.

From a holistic approach, we look at everything you need to be successful online. We bring it all together in a professional website you can be absolutely proud of.

Wake up every day shining, full of confidence because your website now makes it easy for your target audience to work with you … and, was that a request from a dream client that just landed in your mailbox?